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August 8, 2019  

Where to start

August 8, 2019

Each season of Merely Roleplayers is a self-contained story in a different genre. So it's up to you whether to start at the beginning or pick a season you like the sound of and start there.

Episodes alternate between Story Acts, where that season's story continues, and Backstage episodes that shed light on our characters and the roleplaying game rules we use. If you're only interested in what happens in the story, or you're trying to catch up quickly, you can probably afford to skip most of the Backstage episodes.

Season 1: Ariadne

A ghost story in 4 Acts

System: Simple World

Players: Ellie, Vikki, Alex, and Strat. Hosted by Matt.

Something's not right at the West End's Ariadne Theatre. For a start, why does no other company want the space? And why does everyone suddenly feel like they're being watched?

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Season 2: Five Stage a Rescue

A cosy British mystery - think Enid Blyton or Arthur Ransome - in 5 Acts

System: Simple World

Players: Ellie, Vikki, Chris S, and David. Hosted by Matt.

A young stagehand is missing. The company (and Ellie's cat, Tilly) give chase, but in a theatre built in a natural cave system, there's no telling where young Alfie might be - or what he might have discovered...

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Season 3: A Town Called Amnesty

A Western in 5 Acts

System: Simple World

Players: Ellie, Alex, Strat, and Helen. Hosted by Matt.

Four undercover deputies ride into a town that's on no map. The outlaw they seek is here, but so is a whole mess of trouble not one of them asked for.

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Season 4: Let's Get Gideon

A heist caper in 3 Acts

System: Simple World

Players: Ellie, David, Josh, and Chris B. Hosted by Matt.

Gideon Gilchrist fancies himself a patron of the arts, which is good, because Blackshaw need some cash, and they're artists. Con artists, that is.

Start with The Plan >

Season 5: Codename: Mosaic

A spy-fi story in 5 Acts

System: Simple World

Players: Ellie, Vikki, Strat, and Chris M (guesting from The Space Jam Continuum). Hosted by Matt.

Agents in all the world's intelligence services are turning on their colleagues for no reason. A four-person sleeper cell is activated to hunt down the individual pulling the strings.

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Season 6: Parallax

A space adventure in 3 Parts: Parallax Core (4 Acts), Parallax Converging (5 Acts), Parallax Inverted (5 Acts)

System: Impulse Drive

Players: Ellie, David, Vikki, Alex, Strat, Chris S, and Matt. Hosted by Matt and Chris M.

The Simulation predicts what's best for the galaxy - but our heroes were never all that predictable.

Start with Parallax Core Act One >

Season 7: Upstaged!

A talent contest in 4 Acts

System: Custom

Players: Ellie, Nat, Ellen, and Strat. Hosted by Matt.

A nationwide televised theatre contest is the company's only chance to save their theatre - and keep drama alive in the hearts of the local schoolkids.

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Season 8: The Cloudskipper's Captain

A tale of the high, high seas in 5 Acts

System: Simple World

Players: Ellie, Alex, Starkey, and Nat. Hosted by Strat.

Cap'n Billy's got secrets even he don't fully know. And they're about to make a world of trouble for his crew.

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