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October 22, 2018  


October 22, 2018

Merely Roleplayers is a weekly podcast where theatrical people play roleplaying games.

Each season of Merely Roleplayers is a self-contained story in a different genre. Every other Tuesday, we release a Story Act, where that season's story continues. On the Tuesdays in between, we release Backstage episodes that shed light on our characters and the roleplaying game rules we use to tell our stories.

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Theatrical people

The cast of Merely Roleplayers are mostly members and associates of Blackshaw, a theatre company based in London, UK.

The characters in our stories are also the members of Blackshaw, transplanted into different stories like in Quantum Leap or Mr Benn. We're playing ourselves - or versions of ourselves that could have been.

Roleplaying games

Our stories are improvised collaboratively, with guidance from our play-wright, Matt. Sometimes, to keep us on our toes, we roll dice to find out how well things go for us in the story.

We mostly use D Vincent Baker and Meguey Baker's Powered by the Apocalypse roleplaying game system, as set out in Avery Alder's Simple World.


Merely Roleplayers does contain ads, but we don't profit from advertising. Any ads we include are part of exchange agreements, where we advertise someone else's thing and they advertise us in return.

If you want to promote Merely Roleplayers, thank you! The best way is to give us a five-star review on iTunes/Apple Podcasts, or download and share our trailer. If you'd like to set up a promo exchange, contact us on Twitter @MerelyRoleplay - our DMs are open.