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September 2, 2019  

Merely Roleplayers is moving

September 2, 2019

After a couple of great years at Podbean, Merely Roleplayers is moving to my own website, at

If you listen through Apple Podcasts, Spotify or some other app that pulls the episodes off the RSS feed, you don't need to do anything. There's a redirect system in place behind the scenes, and your player should keep picking up episodes as normal during the changeover.

If you listen in the Podbean app, you might need to re-add the podcast manually, using the new RSS feed link. And if you listen on the Podbean site, you'll need to change to listening on the new site instead.

The Podbean page will stay up until late October, then vanish. The two pages will both be up, running in parallel, between now and then.

Questions? Issues getting the podcast where you like to listen? Say hi on Twitter @MerelyRoleplay and we'll see what we can do.